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Zinc Flake Coating


With the help of the zinc flake coating, a cathodic protective layer is applied without current. With a layer thickness of only a few micrometers, the zinc flake coating system achieves a resistance of a thousand hours in the salt spray test. Additional top coats increase performance. The KANSAI HELIOS zinc flake coating system consists of a primer (REMCOR Base) and a top coat (REMCOR Top).

The result is an optimally matched system with multifunctional properties:

  • high cathodic corrosion protection
  • defined friction and screwing properties
  • good adhesion and abrasion resistance
  • high chemical resistance
  • electrical conductance
  • very thin layer (8-12 μm)
  • saving resources

The System at a Glance


Thanks to the sacrificial effect of the zinc flakes, the basecoats REMCOR BASE silver and REMCOR BASE black form the active corrosion protection. No hydrogen spraying is caused during the application. The primers themselves can be adjusted to individually required friction coefficients with integrated lubricants.


REMCOR TOP is an organic topcoat specially formulated for use on REMCOR BASE. The coating material is also excellent as a topcoat for duplex applications on electroplated surfaces (such as zinc & zinc alloys). Thanks to its individual adjustability, it complements and increases the corrosion protection of the basecoat and defines the mechanical properties of the system. In combination with REMCOR BASE black, e.g. permanently opaque black coatings for the automotive industry can be achieved.