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Thermoplastic Markings


Our high-quality thermoplastics by KANSAI HELIOS follow the new trends for environmentally friendly and economical marking solutions. Thermoplastics consist of solids that liquefy at high temperatures (190-220 °C) and are applied as a hot melt adhesive. During cooling, the material solidifies or hardens very quickly. As a result, the curing time is very short. The marking materials are suitable for thick-film applications (1.5-7 mm) with special machines by extruder or for multi-dot application. Thermoplastics are durable, abrasion-resistant and VOC-free road marking materials. Due to the high premix content, they offer long-lasting night visibility.


Low application requirements, minimal lead times and high durability make preformed thermoplastics one of the most popular road marking materials in public areas, municipalities and cities. They can be applied without major barrier and preparation measures. The treated area can be used again without restrictions in a very short time. Compared to classic thermoplastics, this material has prefabricated (preformed) symbols and shapes. The SIGNOFORM range includes lines, arrows, letters, numbers and many other special characters – available in 12 RAL colors. The material comes in large pieces that are put together like a giant puzzle.


Thermoplastic SIGNOFILL is the optimal solution for repairing cracks and smaller potholes (diameter up to 20 cm) in asphalt. It prevents small damages from developing into large potholes. Heating to approx. 220°C and more creates an excellent bond with the bitumen in the asphalt. Sealing minor damage can prevent small frost cracks from becoming large potholes. This can avoid high costs for the rehabilitation of the entire asphalt. SIGNOFILL can be used all year round!


SIGNOTHERM R 2009 MDS is a thermoplastic road marking material specially developed for the application of multi-dot lines. The product is based on silicate, glass and modified synthetic resins. It is highly reflective and durable, and provides good visibility at night and in wet conditions in combination with post-scatter materials. In addition, SIGNOTHERM melts easily and has good heat stability according to EN 1436 and EN 1871. It offers excellent weatherability and color stability, as well as excellent wear resistance and adhesion to asphalt. The premixed glass spheres provide long-lasting retroreflectivity.