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Marking Materials


Our premium Rembrandtin marking materials are environmentally friendly and versatile in use: on motorways, regional roads, as well as in urban areas. Weather resistant road marking materials and UV resistant markings are our specialty.


Solventborne 1K Materials

  • REMO 100F

This high solid marking paint is aromatic-free, very fast drying, and has good bead adhesion and therefore is a highly economical option for many new markings and maintenance work as first or secondary markings.

  • REMO 100EQ

High solid marking paint containing aromatic compounds, with low solvent content for airless and compressed air atomisation. A high degree of whiteness and good bead wetting combined with fast drying are the advantages of this marking paint.

  • REMO 200EQ

REMO 200EQ is specifically designed for airport and car park markings. It ensures excellent hiding power, a high degree of whiteness, and extremely short drying times. To avoid high layer thicknesses due to maintenance work, REMO 200EQ is applied at a wet film thickness of 200–300 μm.

Solventborne 2K Materials

  • REMO EPOXY AF aromatics-free
  • REMO EPOXY EQ aromatics-free

Waterborne 1K Materials

  • REMO A Airless

These waterborne road marking systems can be used with conventional machines for new and maintenance tasks. They can also be applied with airless technology. Due to short drying times and quick film build as well as its economical application, REMO A is a very cost-efficient solution.