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Fire Protection Systems for Steel, Concrete and Wood


Steel fire protection systems can save lives. Intumescent coatings, applied between the primer and the topcoat, guarantee valuable time: to support the statics of the steel structure and to safeguard evacuation measures and rescue operations. Intumescent coatings are suitable for many applications and react by foaming in case of fire. They are available as 1K water-based, 1K solvent-based or 2K epoxy-based.

Steel fire protection systems to DIN EN 13501-2 for factory coatings and construction sites, fire resistance class R 30 to R 90; up to U/A 470 m-1

Tested according to European Standard (EN) for fire protection of open and closed steel profiles in fire resistance classes from R15 to R180 and approved for the European market with a European Technical Assessment (ETA).

Concrete fire protection systems according to EN 13381-3:2015, analogous to prEN 13381-3:2012

Particularly suitable for use on reinforced concrete components in areas with high emission loads (e.g. underground garages, parking garages). Priming with BETON-CARBONSPERRE provides additional protection against the penetration of pollutants and water. Depending on the component and application quantity, fire resistance times of up to 240 minutes can be achieved for structural elements made of reinforced concrete (e.g. hollow concrete floors, reinforced concrete girders/columns, reinforced concrete ribbed floors and reinforced concrete flat slabs), which are statically hardly stressed, space-saving and maintenance-free.

Wood fire protection systems for inside and outside according to DIN 4102-1 and DIN EN 13501-1

This fire protection system allows wood to be upgraded from building material class B2 to building material class B1 ‘flame retardant’.