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KANSAI HELIOS Austria offers specific transformer core plate varnishes, i.e. varnishes for grain-oriented electrical steel strips, as well as special coatings for bonding transformer core sheets and other components.

Our chrome-free innovation: REMISOL EB 5320


The pending ban on the use of trioxide derivatives in the European Union affects many industries. The European Commission has granted authorisations valid until 21 September 2024. In addition, an EU-wide harmonisation of the occupational exposure limits are planned. Chromates in varnishes are also forbidden in the production of non-grain-oriented electrical steel strips. As a specialist for core plate varnishes, KANSAI HELIOS has been developing chromium-free coating solutions for many years. REMISOL EB 5320 is an environmentally friendly product with good electrical insulating properties. With regard to hydrolysis and corrosion resistance it is equal to chromium-based coatings.