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Transformer Coating Systems

Corrosion protection for transformers

Long-lasting corrosion protection for transformers ensures their efficient performance and is crucial for the stability of the power grid. The right coating for transformers protects against moisture, chemicals and corrosion. We develop special corrosion protection systems for tanks, cooling fins and other components that are exposed to extreme conditions – both outdoors and indoors. Internal coatings must withstand transformer oils at temperatures of up to 130 °C and must not affect transformer performance.

We produce external coatings in different versions. These include solvent-based, aqueous and anti-slip coatings, which ensure safety during application, weathering as well as assembly and maintenance work.

Our corrosion protection systems according to ISO 12944-2 meet the corrosivity categories C4 and C5 and the highest environmental standards.

Man in front of a transformer - reparation
With KANSAI HELIOS you can achieve more – even before your products are manufactured!

More service, more product variety, more future viability. Focus on greater sustainability and greater protection of people and the environment before your transformers are manufactured: with properly coated electrical steel from your steelworks. KANSAI HELIOS is not just your corrosion protection specialist. We are also the market leader in electrical sheet metal coatings with over 80 years of experience in this niche area. We are happy to offer your steelworks the innovative chrome-free electrical insulating paint for grain-oriented electrical steel – which is in no way inferior to the chrome-containing variant in terms of performance. As a pioneer in your industry, you could switch to a more environmentally friendly solution already today. We also have many other tried and tested electrical sheet paints in our range.

We would be happy to advise you on this topic and introduce you to our product portfolio for transformer coatings.

As a system supplier, we ensure that all coating properties are precisely tailored to the specific requirements of each transformer and its various parts.