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CHEMfluencer: Ignite Chemistry, Experience a Career

As part of the CHEMfluencer initiative, we are committed to generating enthusiasm for the chemical industry at Austrian schools. Our lab technician Marc Hangler visited GRG Maroltingergasse and revealed an impressive fact to the students: 70 of the 117 elements of the periodic table are in their smartphones. This realization shows how ubiquitous chemistry is in our everyday lives and the important role it plays.

The CHEMfluencer initiative has a clear goal: to get young people excited about chemistry and show them the diverse career opportunities in this field. Hubert Culik, Managing Director of KANSAI HELIOS Austria GmbH and Chairman of the Professional Association of the Chemical Industry, emphasizes the urgency of attracting talented professionals for a sustainable future.

We need the products from the chemical industry for a sustainable future. Without chemistry, there would be no wind turbines, no electric cars, no building insulation and no medicines. For this, we are looking for bright minds and cannot do without a single talent.

Managing Director Alexander Schütter also shares the enthusiasm for promoting interest in chemistry. He emphasizes:

Without chemistry there is no sustainability, and without chemists there is no chemical industry.


At KANSAI HELIOS we offer interesting job opportunities in the areas of research, production and quality assurance – an exciting field of work for all chemistry enthusiasts. With our involvement in the CHEMfluencer program, we want to inspire young talent for this fascinating industry and offer them promising prospects.